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A Thick Coat of Confusion

30 Jul

Only I could compare the first step of entering a nail salon to choosing paint for a bedroom. When it comes to nail polish, words like tranquil and ambiance never enter my mind. And the concept of a color being livable is unreal to someone who’s  infamous for using up a bottle of remover in a month’s time.

different nail polish shades

my apologies for the absence of shade names

Faced with palettes and collections of interior paints at the Depot, I realize I’m projecting myself into this project. I could be playing cards with these color sample tabs, but all I can do is wonder whether I’m holding a good hand. The golden takeaway is that I’ve found a new appreciation for the science of color, and the ready-made combos and color-pairings have inspired me to take a fresh look at my makeup arsenal.

What situations have left you feeling unexpectedly creative? How does color affect your mood and life?


Get tipsy, tiger

28 Jan

Browsing ffffound.com today and discovered Tomer Hanuka’s wine label designs for Some Young Punks, an Australian wine maker. Hey look, there’s my favorite big cat! It seems the company went with illustrations by Asaf Hanuka for their T’n’T series, and drew from “low brow” lit’ for their Pulp series, wrapping bottles in cover art spanning from the ’20’s to ’50’s. All look fun while doubling as decor.

My caveat? No pinot. The bottles I scanned on their dossier-inspired site looked red. Hope to be wrong!

Fierce Allure Wine

via ffffound.com