Champagne Bdays 101

Champagne, golden, or lucky birthdays, as they’re sometimes called, occur when you turn the age of your birthday date.  My champagne birthday was February 26, in 2008.

What makes these birthdays more special than other birthdays? Aren’t all birthdays special?
Yes, I guess so! I really just love the phrase itself, and I’ve always been partial to numerology, despite disliking math, so I guess you can say that’s why I decided to name my blog after them and honor them in this small way. Every birthday deserves celebration. My nephew Johnathan’s 3rd birthday was his champagne day. His birthday is May 3. Not only did he get a brand new quad, but he got a VIP trip to the local firehouse and had such a blast that we’re nervous for what turning 4 entails.

BBJ Turns 3!

BBJ Turns 3!

UPDATE: Turning 4 involved a (first & last) “special” visit from Batman. If you are considering hiring entertainment for your child’s birthday, get a WOM recommendation from a mom you trust, beforehand.
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