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Run for Your Life

24 Oct

woman runningBack in 1984, experts feared running to be a potentially harmful activity for those over the age of 50. Now, a 20-year Stanford University study suggests the opposite, reporting that running may promote a longer lifespan by delaying the early onset of cancers, neurological diseases, and infections, among other leading causes of death.

Are you ready to pick up the pace and slow down the aging process?

Here are the sites that can help you make the move from the sidewalk to the fast track:

Visit: Runner’s World For: Information that can take beginner’s to the next level.

You’ll also find:

Visit: About.com For: A concise yet comprehensive collection of information on how to run, nutrition for running, and road racing for beginners.

You’ll also find:


Remarkable races… in case you missed the NYC marathon

1 Nov

I once knew two women who were training to run their first marathon. It required the obvious prep work — systematic training that made nonathletic bystanders cringe. They were working moms and logged most of their miles when they could — before most people were awake. Their dedication was remarkable, yet, who wouldn’t throw their all into the chance to run in one of the country’s most beautiful vacation destinations… Hawaii! It cost a bundle, but the cost involved the marathon, and committing to the race made the price seem justified.

Today is race day in NYC. If you missed out, bookmark these upcoming events:

  • Valley of Fire Marathon 11.21.09
    Who wouldn’t want to give the Mojave Desert a run for the money.

    via lifeinthefastlane.ca