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My Hundreth Post is Heart-Shaped

6 Jul

Check it out here: heartsfromabove.wordpress.com


5 Pictures of Hearts in Nature

28 Jun

Love affects our lives in so many ways, some of them magical. Here are a few of the remarkable ways the symbol of love has entered my life.

Water Heart Photo

Water heart next to the sink.

Heart revealed after foil is removed from the cookie sheet.

Sidewalk Heart

Sidewalk heart.

Heart on my spoon.

Heart on my spoon.

Eggplant Heart

Eggplant hearts.

♬ Listening to: You’ve Got the Love (Florence & the Machine, XX remix)

From My Window: Tulip Tree Snow Cones

21 Feb

Looking out this morning I couldn’t help but notice this:

Tulip Tree Snow Cones

Nature's Sno Cones

Parents.com Photos: Make It Happen!

3 Jun

Vote for Johnathan Alan on parents.com, today through June 6!

Johnathan Happy Fourth Birthday Baby!

Happy Fourth Birthday Baby!

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