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Do You Remember Your First…

28 Sep

Ice Cream?

This adorable video captures kids first brush with ice cream. Love when the power of technology proves something to be thankful for!


Look Even Better this Autumn

27 Aug

Falling in LOVE with the idea of longer-looking, leaner legs this fall… which means looking even better in skinny jeans and leggings. Here’s a great way to kick things into gear, from YouTube 3V: Curtsy Lunges for Sexy Legs.

Source: youtube.com via 3V on Pinterest


QUESTION: What are your fave moves for sculpting oh-la-la gams? Are you doing lunges? Step-ups? Spinning? Tell me in the comments.

Image via Pinterest: Fit Style

Yum… Grills for Your Grill!

16 Jun

My sister made these adorable cupcake-shaped brownies for Will’s birthday in May. They are absolutely perfect for Father’s Day, summer parties and other special occasions.

Barbecue Grill Cupcake Brownies

Family Photo

I did some detective work and tracked down the recipe I think she used, at Disney’s FamilyFun site.

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Rabbit? Chinchilla? Giant mouse?

29 Oct

Whatever you want to call it, this video from the BBC is a must-see for a cold day.

via joelsartstore.com

TY wikipedia & BBC for teaching me something today: Viscachas or vizcachas are rodents in the chinchilla family, Chinchillidae.