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The Walking Dead Workout

14 Oct

If you feel like a zombie this morning and become a walker tonight, this one’s for you!

Source: Uploaded by user via Amy on Pinterest


I love making these visuals for the fitness channel I work on! I wish I could say I do them all, but alas, I am not as motivated as I’d like to be!


How Minka Kelly Blasts Fat

6 Jul

It should not surprise you that Minka Kelly follows an interval cardio plan when she hits the gym. Fitness pros and gym rats alike all recognize the perks of picking up the pace from time to time. Simply put, interval workouts are the best and fastest fat burners.

If you’re looking for a basic plan to try and have a good block of time to spare, follow this plan contributed by Minka Kelly (and her trainer). The details of the complete workout can be found at Self Magazine (online at Self.com).

Minka Kelly Celebrity Workout

What are your favorite interval plans and how do you time them when you’re not using gym machines?

For more great fitness advice and workouts check out 3V on YouTube.

Bringing Sexy Back as a Bride

17 Apr

There’s no denying it — when it comes to upper-body, strong is sexy! The exercises in this great upper-body routine will sculpt your shoulders, back, triceps, and biceps, so you look your best in your strapless dress, gown, or bandeau top!

Check out the video and take a peek at 3VFitness, a new place on YouTube to find  relevant and inspiring health and fitness videos. Learn to live a healthy and active life – and have fun along the way.

ImageWatch: The Sexy Strapless Dress Circuit

photo via pinterest

Sight for sore eyes (and arms… and abs)

27 Oct

So I am still watching True Blood. I have logged over 3 hours of eye-usage today, not including work on the laptop (the hunt for work continues, but is more of a daytime mission). I’ve been playing instant on-PC workout videos straight from Netflix, trying to keep things interesting while my elliptical is out of commission…

And Three’s the Charm for Tuesday!
Self: Bikini Ready, Fast! (I love Ellen Barrett)
Trainer’s Edge: Killer Abs and Back (‘Oogle yourself some Michael Olajide and read about AEROSPACE NYC)
True Blood: Season 1, Episodes 8, 9, 10… argh. I am relentless.

If it had been nicer out today this seriously wouldn’t have happened. I like to think everyone needs a nice marathon once in awhile =)