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Vacation withdrawls, part deux

22 Nov

I signed up for Daily Plate again. This will have been the umpteenth time, since each time I get discouraged and stop tracking myself I prefer a clean slate and create new accounts. Unfortunately, their site makes deactivating an account really difficult (they make up for this nuisance with stellar customer service however — reps will gladly remove all your info if you ask).

I squeezed in 30 minutes on my elliptical machine and tacked on a 3/4 mile-or-so walk today — in new shoes! Segue into more footwear news here. In St. Thomas, my boyfriend and I bought the most amazing new sneakers, called GlaGlas. The Paris company has designed a shoe that makes it feel like you are stepping on air (after being on a ship for 7 days you can imagine how nice it feels to walk off your sea legs!) The shoe is vented, so your feet stay cool and comfortable, and they’re so light and easy to slip into that they’re perfect for the beach. There’s more science to eat up on their website, glaglashoes.com.

Bonus — they come in all sorts of cool color combos! I picked maroon, since I’m having an autumn cranberry crush.

GlaGla Sneakers

image via labelprofashionals.be


Functional footwear, or why FitFlops will be my first and only

4 Nov

I surveyed FitFlops online and in real life dozens of times before splurging on a pair. Mine are silver and I call them moon shoes. Aesthetically, they’re not for me… I normally add up my inches with heels and have always avoided platforms — but that’s another story = )

Design aside, my flops took a couple of weeks to break in. I wore them A LOT this past summer… on long, leisurely, baby-in-a-stroller walks, shopping trips, and even around the house. I can’t say I see any difference in the tone of my legs, thighs, glutes, or posture (posture was the selling point  — can’t say enough how important standing up straight is for appearing taller, right?!) Luckily for me, Reebok’s new EasyTone sneakers are not fashionable enough to fuss over as much as FitFlops. If Reebok could have offered a larger range of styles for their $100+ sneaker you’d probably be seeing more of them on people’s feet than on shelves and online.

When it comes to getting better legs and a better butt, I think I’ll stick with stairs.

It’s no glass slipper

21 Oct

I bought new running shoes last night, convinced that the pair I’d been kicking around were ready for an upgrade — the mesh was ripped on each toe, they no longer felt bouncy, and most important, I’d been wearing them for at least 4 months. Needless to say, I am very excited to be  going for a test drive, but with no job, I feel compelled to  justify this new debt. On that ground, here are a few ways you can make a case for replacing your sneakers.

Mileage. Do you run everyday? How many miles are you running? This seems to be the key criteria for trading up. A 2-question quiz on fitsugar.com says every 350-650 miles is a good rule of thumb.

Weight. therunnersguide.com says heavier runners may find themselves buying sneakers more often.

Impact. If you hit the ground hard you’ll probably wear your shoes out faster than most. This was my chief complaint with my old sneakers — they just did not have the same spring as they did when I first took them home.

Time. Basically, if you are running several days a week, you can easily rack up miles on your sneakers. Being aware of how far you’re running and how often is a good way to assess the distance your sneakers have seen and whether they are offering you the support you need to continue hitting the pavement/track/ground.

Check out my new sneakers =)

image via image.become.com

Nike Shox Reveal III via image.become.com

source: How Long Running Shoes Last, therunnersguide.com