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How Much Does it Cost to Lose Weight Today?

2 Feb

Many people with weight to lose may never get so far as to research meal delivery plans, assuming they’re just too costly. But if you look at CBS Money Watch’s breakdown of the options available today, you might be surprised that some may fit your budget and lifestyle.

Weighty Issue: Eat Less, Lose More

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Of course one can make the argument that there’s more incentive to do something when you know you’re paying for it, but this review takes science into account, and lets you know how much you can expect to lose with each plan (and how much you could gain back).

Read about NutriSystem and other popular diet plans at moneywatch.bnet.com.


Brilliant, resilient… Have you heard of the Doodle Diet?

5 Feb

Ridiculously inventive, and bordering on irrational (but in a fun way), is The Doodles Diet, Deborah Zemke’s book of 36 engaging placemats that each serve up something better to do than eat.

Obviously drawing is way more fun than skinny jeans. Kidding!!!

The Doodles Diet

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I know some people who would love this, and a couple who’d despise it. If I actually sat down at a table to eat I’d probably consider buying it. If only…