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Trust in Testosterone

26 May

LiveScience’s post on a study that linked testosterone to skepticism in women is fascinating. The suggestion that this hormone balances oxytocin, the hormone of bonding and trust, implies that it helps boost social skills, leading to advantageous business and economic outcomes.

Woman Angel Flies Into the Sky

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Sociology got sexy! Check it out here: Testosterone Makes Women Less Trusting

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Walk beside me, curbside

20 Oct

MC and I had a virtual pow-wow today and I ended up learning about Doc Love at askmen.com. Currently entertained to the point that all the original real life dilemmas are buffed — or, as I called it to her, clouded. While most of what I read seems inane (justifiably), the saving grace is the reinforcing of manners, e.g. this line from a reader to the doctor:

I’ve been dating Caprice, a Flexible Giver, for 21 months. I stay off the phone, unless it’s to make a date, I’m a Challenge, I keep things light and funny, I even walk on the outside of the curb (and have explained to her why).

Huh? Labels aside, I felt tasked to find the meaning of  walking on the outside of the curb, and once I figured that part out, to contemplate what it means today. Can we just call it being protective? I know that unconfined to sidewalks, this could hold implications for other pathways, for instance conversation — and love.

I also cannot believe I turned to google before using urbandictionary to sort this one out. I’m just going to skip a trip there and chalk it up to my good instincts.