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Check out my online portfolio!

18 Mar

So excited to have just pulled this new spot together with WordPress: http://amyzerello.wordpress.com.

I’ve listed links to view my writing samples online, along with my resume, and contact info (email only).

I’ve been very busy looking for work, which is why I haven’t been able to post any new entries these past couple of weeks. Hopefully something comes through very soon though!

XO Amy


A good job is hard to find…

12 Mar

More amusing copy from the job boards!

Editor – Part TIme (Westchester)
Source: craigslist.com
Company: abdonline.com
Best line? Come back to work, the country needs you.
Gotta love the editorial job descrips that have typos!

Cat Feeding And Socializing Twice A Day
Source: Indeed.com
Company: Definitely private
Best line? How about the whole post: I have a wonderful hairless cat named Mowgli who needs twice daily feeding and love. Please let me know if you are interested.
This one’s for LK. >^,,^<

Chief-Editor for Adult Publication (Midtown)
Source: craigslist.com
Company: Unmentioned
Best line? You will be the captain of this vessel (the publisher is mostly hands-off).

The Dealmakers Magazine Editor
Source: Ed2010.com
Company: The Dealmakers
Best line? One of the best decisions of your life is to apply for this position.
Okay so they have an office cat — I’d do it if it weren’t in Princeton, NJ.

Source: Mediabistro.com
Company: shootdigital
Best line? We are very interested in being your employer.
Really? Because I am very interested in being employed.

Pour on the Purell

21 Dec

“The ‘moter didn’t work. I still don’t feel good.” Johnathan is home sick today and I am now a nurse AND aunt.

Applying my unemployment situation in the most charitable, mature manner, I’m  ingesting germs with steady catering and coddling. Juice box? Sure! Lightning McQueen pillow? I’m right on top of that! My insane time-preoccupancies are also hard at work, because I know that in 30 more minutes he’ll need a second dose of Tylenol, after which I’ll update and record his temperature stats (I’m an organized self-starter).

I told him the “‘moter” only tells us how hot he is, and that it’s medicine that will make him better. He then reasoned that the medicine ALSO mustn’t work. The visible evidence, “My cheeks are still red.” :(

Accompanying the hotness is a mid-grade cough we’re watching closely, since he’s slightly asthmatic and never got the H1N1 shot. The trepidation understandably has allowed me to let him wear his new snow boots and lay in my room watching Bolt on my laptop for the bazillionth time. So I’m on the desktop. Throw back.  MTC.