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How Much Does it Cost to Lose Weight Today?

2 Feb

Many people with weight to lose may never get so far as to research meal delivery plans, assuming they’re just too costly. But if you look at CBS Money Watch’s breakdown of the options available today, you might be surprised that some may fit your budget and lifestyle.

Weighty Issue: Eat Less, Lose More

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Of course one can make the argument that there’s more incentive to do something when you know you’re paying for it, but this review takes science into account, and lets you know how much you can expect to lose with each plan (and how much you could gain back).

Read about NutriSystem and other popular diet plans at moneywatch.bnet.com.


Sweet Serotonin: The Brain-Stomach Ties That Bind

29 May

Maura Lynch‘s post on Elle.com about emotional eating digests the theory that bliss begins when food hits lips. Anyone watching their weight knows the perils of mindless eating, but when your mood is the driver behind the trip to the fridge, or the cabinet-raid, it’s far from mindless. Emotions seem to dictate action for our own mental wellness. Says Emeran Mayer, director at the Center for Neurobiology of Stress at UCLA, “When we ingest something, it doesn’t just sit in our stomachs. It most certainly has an affect on our overall being.”

The post’s other points about the stomach essentially being a second brain are important, and the tenet of neurogastroenterology.

I'm Gonna Get You Cake via Tumblr

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Source: Emotional Eating: The Brain-Stomach Connection

Pacman on a diet: The skinny on everyone’s favorite ghostbuster

1 Mar

The classic game seems to offer sound advice for eating healthy.  Here’s a quick look at how Pacman stays nutritious — if you’re good at dodging ghosts!

Avocado Guac Bowl Meets Pacman
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Cherries. Full of antioxidants, cherries help protect the body from diseases. If you suffer from arthritis or gout, add cherries to your diet. Trouble sleeping? Cherries can help… they contain melatonin, a natural sleep regulator.
Apples. Everyone’s favorite convenience food, apples may save you from cancer. They help satiate appetite, too, with fiber.
Bananas. Besides being delicious, this superfruit safeguards your heart with potassium, soothes ulcer pain like an antacid, and helps regulate your digestive system.
Pears. Another good source of fiber, pears are a healthy choice for just about everyone. Most of the nutrients reside in the skin, so wash and leave unpeeled.
Mangoes. Like the apple and pear, mangoes contain cancer-fighting pectin, a soluble fiber. If you are dieting, snack on mango — it is considered a high volume food and is low in calories.
Pretzels. The well-known shape that’s featured in Pacman is relatively safe, though high sodium content makes many question whether they can truly be called a healthy snack. Portions, portions, portions!

And the ghosts? Well, if Pacman’s figure is any indication, I have to say they’re best left an indulgence.

If the picture I’ve included here is more your thing, you’ll want to learn all about the health benefits of avocado — the board is made of guacamole!

P.S. Find out how avocados are bringing the boys to the yard!

Redesigning the hot dog

25 Feb

Why can’t we just agree serving kids hot dogs is an example of dishing out poor nutrition? I’m not talking about ALL hot dogs, just the baseline kind Ken Hoffman defends in his Save the Classic Hot Dog post. See, the American Academy of Pediatrics is suggesting hot dogs get redesigned, for choking prevention. That’s only leading to bigger problems, apparently.

Feasting on Art: Hot Dog Closeup
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Remember, America is essentialy entrepreneurial — will we soon see donut-shaped hot dogs? Hot dog patties? Drinkable hot dogs? Hey, Krispy Kreme managed to pull that concept off!

Maybe there should be age-limits for this kind of thing.

More ways to feed your kids healthy food.