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On a Strawberry Swing

8 Jul

Is it normal to get excited for my husband to try new things I bake/cook/whip up for him? I mean, without sitting down to eat it too? This morning I ingeniously stirred our remaining strawberries into a bowl of whole grain pancake batter and threw in a pinch of cinnamon (his favorite).

As soon as the batter was ready for the pan it dawned on me: we’re out of syrup. For my husband, this was almost a deal breaker. I had to remind him, sweetly, that strawberries would make the pancakes sweet enough. He conceded and said he’d have them without the syrup, as long as I really buttered them up (no problem!). Piled on a plate, I proudly presented my creation and laughed when he got up to look in the cupboard one more time for hidden syrup. (Below, my Whole Grain Strawberry Pancakes!)

Strawberry Wholegrain Pancakes

The verdict? Seems like he ate 75% of what I gave him, so I call that a breakfast victory — especially given he never lets me add fruit to my recipes. Let’s just say he’s not a fan of me modifying recipes… Maybe it’s a police thing, following the rules and all? I love theorizing.

Anyway long story short: Strawberries truly do make breakfast sweeter. I had a bite, they were delicious.


The tale of the happy cupcakes

7 Nov

I just baked cupcakes for the first time in what may be a decade. Here’s how it unfolded, or rather, almost exploded — literary style:

oh cupcakes!

With coffee in hand, I crack eggs, soften butter, and take out the mixer. The noise summons Johnny who grabs a chair and hauls himself up to help mix. We are alone in the kitchen. I know this doesn’t cut it as an exposition but I feel so accomplished right now I’m letting it slide.

Dumbo is playing in the living room. The cupcakes end up elephant-sized.

Inciting Force
We have no use for cupcake liners. J. says they are not necessary. I disagree but move ahead.

Amy versus aesthetic. The cupcakes will taste like cupcakes, but they look like muffins. Good thing they will be presented to an undiscerning audience =)

Rising Action
Lots of it. This encapsulates the entire baking, which lasted 20 minutes. As noted, they were huge. Jenny said to fill the tins halfway but this was an overestimation on her part.

See picture.

See picture.

Falling Action
This happens when Will eats the cupcakes. TK.

Resolution (Denouement)
Cupcakes are cooling atop the oven — still in their greasy pan. Whether they come out unscathed is unknown.

To be continued. Maybe.

literary elements courtesy www.orangeusd.k12.ca.us