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Liquid Gold, Strawberries and Basil

6 Jul

I’m never far from a new idea for incorporating the olive oil we brought home from Sorrento on our honeymoon.

Pictured here, my afternoon breakfast/lunch: strawberry and basil on a whole grain waffle, drizzled with olive oil, or as they called it on the farm, liquid gold.

Strawberry Basil Waffles

If I’d never had a strawberry and basil margarita, I’m not sure I’d have come up with this waffle idea, but have to admit, SO glad I did! It’s delicious! Happy I chose to hold off and have a late breakfast today :) And to think, Hubby asked for waffles this morning and wouldn’t let me put anything on them but butter and syrup (no fun!)

More on our Italian treasure… Here is a photo from Cooperativa Le Colline di Sorrento, the farm and winery where we purchased our olive oil. You can see why they’re able to produce such amazing product, with all of that abundant sunshine!

Cooperativa Le Colline di Sorrento

If you get to Italy and have a chance to bring home olive oil or wine, do it. It’s worth the heavy baggage fee!

More awesome food pics here!


Read Danielle Pergament’s “Roman Holiday”

15 Dec

I promised I’d try to get a link to this Danielle Pergament article up — and here’s the delivery! Pergament’s admiration and insightful expose of Italian style made me daydream of Rome while adrift in the Caribbean. It is that good. Text from Allure, courtesy of blog.borderhopping.net

Sophia Loren, by David Seymour via flickr.com (1956)