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From My Window: Tulip Tree Snow Cones

21 Feb

Looking out this morning I couldn’t help but notice this:

Tulip Tree Snow Cones

Nature's Sno Cones


The Cure for Anything…

28 Jul

… is salt water — sweat, tears, or the sea.
~ Isak Dinesen

My boyfriend’s aunt shared a beauty secret with me over the weekend. She told me that swimming in the ocean led to a clearer, more balanced complexion — so much so that she fills up bottles when she can so it’s accessible at home. I thought this was ingenious, considering my own skin concerns (redness/occasional acne).

walking in water

via unknown

Don’t you love simple and natural beauty solutions? Dive into these pages to learn more about how saltwater benefits your skin and body:

Oligivy & Mather Hong Kong’s Ad for Shangri-La…

29 Jun

Makes we wonder if I am emotionally stable. Moved, to say the least.

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