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Make Way for the Little Ice Age

20 Jun

I am the last one to EVER complain about the weather being too hot, so this news greatly saddened me.

Enjoy the Future Ice Age

Scientists think the sun is headed into hibernation, a period they call Maunder Minimum which is characterized by very few to possibly zero sunspots. The original MM occurred in 1645 and lasted 70 years, and coincided with what is known as the Little Ice Age, a period of below-normal temperatures in North America and Europe. According to wordiq.com, the number of sunspots correlates with the intensity of solar radiation.

With the start of summer less than a day away we are reminded to enjoy the warm weather while we still can.

Read more: “Rare Drop in Sunspot Activity Could Cause Little Ice Age

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From My Window: Tulip Tree Snow Cones

21 Feb

Looking out this morning I couldn’t help but notice this:

Tulip Tree Snow Cones

Nature's Sno Cones

7 ways to stay warm, sans Uggs

11 Feb

Walking even a few blocks in the city today proved treacherous. Spots that looked solid were really huge puddles of melted snow, and slush smoothed the way for the forgivable slip (my cab driver told me he had earlier observed a woman fall, “like a baby…” Into what, I cringe to consider.

Cold Feet -- Winter Walk

via ffffound.com (and myself)

And that’s not even the half of it! Surfaces teamed up with the sky and sent snow and dollops of icy water down from above… a sneak attack if you were focusing on where to place your feet. I wore flats and they were quickly soaked, and I was quickly cranky — sneaking into DSW to browse better-looking shoes and leaving with a pair of peds that managed to absorb some of my dampness and agony. Time and again, I can justifiably see that if I had worn the appropriate clothes and shoes these trips to the city wouldn’t double as missions for survival… but I learn my lessons the hard way — hardly.

With that said, here are 7 tips for looking good and keeping warm.