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Setting Up a Sticky Situation?

6 Jul

I briefly glimpsed and bookmarked this delicious recipe for ooey and gooey rainbow slime today.

I am hoping it is not too tricky to track down clear glue (and for that matter, starch)… I have a childlike desperation to make this with my nephew before the end of the summer.

Recipe for Rainbow Slime (via Tot Treasures)

1 1/2 cups of clear glue + 1 1/2 cups of liquid starch + food coloring =

Rainbow Slime

via tot treasures

Looks like a good time, right? ;-)


From My Window: Tulip Tree Snow Cones

21 Feb

Looking out this morning I couldn’t help but notice this:

Tulip Tree Snow Cones

Nature's Sno Cones

Brilliant, resilient… Have you heard of the Doodle Diet?

5 Feb

Ridiculously inventive, and bordering on irrational (but in a fun way), is The Doodles Diet, Deborah Zemke’s book of 36 engaging placemats that each serve up something better to do than eat.

Obviously drawing is way more fun than skinny jeans. Kidding!!!

The Doodles Diet

via chroniclebooks.com

I know some people who would love this, and a couple who’d despise it. If I actually sat down at a table to eat I’d probably consider buying it. If only…

Get tipsy, tiger

28 Jan

Browsing ffffound.com today and discovered Tomer Hanuka’s wine label designs for Some Young Punks, an Australian wine maker. Hey look, there’s my favorite big cat! It seems the company went with illustrations by Asaf Hanuka for their T’n’T series, and drew from “low brow” lit’ for their Pulp series, wrapping bottles in cover art spanning from the ’20’s to ’50’s. All look fun while doubling as decor.

My caveat? No pinot. The bottles I scanned on their dossier-inspired site looked red. Hope to be wrong!

Fierce Allure Wine

via ffffound.com