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8 Essential Ingredients for Beautiful Skin

27 Oct

pomegranates1. Avocado. A good source of biotin, avocados help prevent dry skin and brittle hair and nails. Used topically, they hydrate parched skin wonderfully. Try it yourself: Create a moisturizing mask by pitting the fruit. Puree the pulp, and pat it on your face. The  natural oils act as an emollient while skin-friendly vitamin E protects against premature aging.

2. Green tea. Green tea’s high on the list of healthy skin beverages, thanks to its impressive stockpile of polyphenols. Aim for 2-4 cups throughout your day.

3. Tomato. A German study found that lycopene-rich tomato paste helped participants prevent sunburn when they combined it with olive oil, daily for ten weeks. Besides being a great source of the antioxidant lycopene, tomatoes are considered a high-carotenoid fruit. These nutrients may help slow down cellular damage from free radicals. Continue reading


Ladies in the Cage: Model Attempts MMA

12 Sep

The ultimate fusion of beauty and fitness, the newest Woman v. Workout video finds host Lauren Berlingeri at Tiger Schulmann’s with MMA pro fighters Louis “Goodnight” Gaudinot, Jimmie “El Terror” Rivera, and Lyman “CYBORG” Good. Does this knockout have what it takes to convince you to take up MMA training? Check it out for yourself!


Look Even Better this Autumn

27 Aug

Falling in LOVE with the idea of longer-looking, leaner legs this fall… which means looking even better in skinny jeans and leggings. Here’s a great way to kick things into gear, from YouTube 3V: Curtsy Lunges for Sexy Legs.

Source: youtube.com via 3V on Pinterest


QUESTION: What are your fave moves for sculpting oh-la-la gams? Are you doing lunges? Step-ups? Spinning? Tell me in the comments.

Image via Pinterest: Fit Style

Unique Beauty Salons and Lounges

15 Jun

Martinis and manicures? Beauty salons with activities just for keeping the kids busy? Highlights at midnight? Discover how some salons are redefining convenience.
the beauty bar
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