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Where’s the best coffee in SoHo?

26 Apr

I’m on a need-to-know basis. And I’m over Starbucks.


Tasteful convenience: Just add milk

3 Feb

Two additions to grocery shelves — the Yoplait Smoothie and General Foods International’s line of latte drinks — offer the promise of convenience, but do they taste good?

I wonder if anything gets lost in the simplicity of these insta-beverages. The smoothie makes portioning easier by offering two servings a package. You could just buy a bag of frozen fruit, but you’d miss out on their unique flavor combinations: Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Mango Pineapple, and Triple Berry.

If you love fancy coffee drinks, of the espresso-variety, you may be tempted to try GFI’s lattes. With just  some hot water or milk, you can quickly blend a Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Caramel, or Mocha latte… for a lot less than you’d spend at Starbucks (especially with their recent price increase).

Anyone who knows me can be certain I’ll give both a try. Verdict TK.

Behold my Starbucks’ VIA Tiramisu cake!

25 Nov

“Fancy taste, without all the work,” began the Tiramisu Layer Cake‘s submitter in her description of what I hope turns out to be a hit tomorrow. I looked at it for a day with hesitation before clicking my can-do switch up and making it happen. Check it out!

Getting ready...

Cake Pans

Guess which is filled with VIA-batter?

First time I've used Kahlua to bake!

Heavy Cream

If you know me, you know how I feel about this...

Heavy Cream Frosting

Heavy cream turns into frosting! Who knew?!

Laptop Screenshot Michele

My computer wants to know if I want a watch. Hmmm.

Cake Assembly

Assembling the cake! It's looking good!

Frosted Tiramisu Cake

Cannot believe my eyes!

Cake Decoration

Shaved organic dark chocolate... oh, and me.

Finished Tiramisu Layer Cake

Ta-da! My handmade best-ever dessert creation!

Wanna make one? Here’s the recipe. I used VIA when it called for coffee and added a pinch of Splenda to my frosting.