A Thick Coat of Confusion

30 Jul

Only I could compare the first step of entering a nail salon to choosing paint for a bedroom. When it comes to nail polish, words like tranquil and ambiance never enter my mind. And the concept of a color being livable is unreal to someone who’s  infamous for using up a bottle of remover in a month’s time.

different nail polish shades

my apologies for the absence of shade names

Faced with palettes and collections of interior paints at the Depot, I realize I’m projecting myself into this project. I could be playing cards with these color sample tabs, but all I can do is wonder whether I’m holding a good hand. The golden takeaway is that I’ve found a new appreciation for the science of color, and the ready-made combos and color-pairings have inspired me to take a fresh look at my makeup arsenal.

What situations have left you feeling unexpectedly creative? How does color affect your mood and life?


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