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Wake Me Up, Before You Go-Go

10 Jun

What does an exhausted person do when she can’t grab a triple latte or 15-minute snooze? Here are some instant ways to increase energy and beat fatigue.

1. Get outside. Find an area that’s free from cigarette smoke and pollutants and take a few deep breaths. Oxygen provides natural, safe energy. If you’re breathing deeply enough, you’ll send all of that good energy throughout your body, waking it up in no time.

Coffee Woman Smiling

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2. Try a cold water splash. A little cold water is all it takes to head-off that sleepy feeling that makes it feel as though your whole face is asleep. Oddly, this remedy also helps subdue nervous energy. Try it the next time you need a no-cost pick-me-up.

3. Make the bed. If you happen to be home when your body starts its slow decline into slumber, it’s going to be way too tempting to pass up an unmade bed. Prevent the kind of nap that turns into a deep sleep with this preventative measure: Make your bed. Bonus: Shaking out the sheets gets your arms moving above your heart, boosting your heart rate and invigorating your body.

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