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Decode Your Cat’s Behavior

19 Jan


Why do cats cry early in the morning (or all the time), roll like dogs on their backs, or ignore their litter boxes? Take a look at a few funny and frustrating cat antics and learn more about your cat’s personality.

Why do cats act like alarm clocks?
Crying in the morning can be traced to two things, the season, and well, you. Cat’s circadian rhythms adjust just as ours do. When summer approaches and the birds are up earlier, so is your cat, wanting to do exactly what predatory creatures are made to do: hunt. Not all pet owners will be okay with releasing their little lion into the great outdoors, so if your indoor cat is inappropriately waking you for food, you need to take action. Feeding your cat when he cries reinforces the crying, while waiting for the crying to end, or not instantly responding to the behavior with food, teaches your cat there will be no reward for early-morning wake-ups. Figure out when breakfast will be and stick to your schedule.

Why do cats roll on the floor?
Does the strange drop-and-roll move your cat performs puzzle you? Cat owners see this rolling all the time but many don’t know why it happens or what it means. suggests looking to the time and location of the rolling for clues, adding that it’s a definite look-at-me maneuver designed to grab your attention. Does it happen when you’re doing computer work? As you lace up your sneakers before leaving the house? No matter where or when it happens, if your response to your rolling kitty is affectionate cooing or a tap on the head, know that you’re providing exactly what he wants: attention. While dogs may roll for a belly rub, your cat’s reasons for rolling are, well, cat-like, meaning on his terms (read: rubbing your cat’s belly could leave you with a scratch or two!). Continue reading


My Hundreth Post is Heart-Shaped

6 Jul

Check it out here:

Calling my heroes

27 Apr

Batman Superhero Art
My favorite boy is turning 4 … the party’s Saturday… SUPERHERO theme. Can’t wait. Don’t know what to wear.

Check out my online portfolio!

18 Mar

So excited to have just pulled this new spot together with WordPress:

I’ve listed links to view my writing samples online, along with my resume, and contact info (email only).

I’ve been very busy looking for work, which is why I haven’t been able to post any new entries these past couple of weeks. Hopefully something comes through very soon though!

XO Amy