A Weigh In on the Weight-Loss Wars

5 Jan

Just in time for our resolutions to start chugging their way to their respective early deaths, Tara Parker Pope’s story on why permanent weight loss is often a pipe dream rears its head, a monster of a magazine feature that’s as depressing as it is illuminating.

“The Fat Trap,” one of this week’s most e-mailed stories, examines what happens to the body after weight loss. Instigated by the research of a physician from the University of Melbourne, the story details why motivated people have so much trouble maintaining their weight loss.

And trouble is putting it lightly.  Joseph Proietto’s study proved the body basically launches a hormonal assault, upping the hunger hormone, ghrelin, weakening peptide YY, responsible for satiation, and lowering leptin, the hormone tasked with appetite suppression and metabolism activity. In other words, after weight loss, your body’s hormones fight to bring the fat back. An hunger does nothing for one’s preoccupation with food. It’s a vicious attack against the best intentions.

Read the post to learn more, and meet the couple profiled, two people who collectively lost roughly 300 pounds but must do everything in their power to keep their weight in check.

image: pinterest.com



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