What We Talk About When…

2 Aug

I unearthed a few highlighted literature texts the other day and decided I could read through just the highlighted sections, attempting to figure out what compelled me to color, circle and underline. It made me think of the funny things people have concluded about gender and language, that men have limited vocabularies, won’t use as many adjectives as women, etc. etc.

Which brings me to the image here.

via imgfave.com

You can imagine my hesitation in finding this photographic gem the other day, which by no means would satisfy my heart’s desire for a wedding guest book, but yet totally indulges my curiosity about how we choose to describe abstract things, like love.

Where would we choose to leave a mark had we just one choice to make in a dictionary of hundreds of thousands of words? It’s pretty limitless, being that Oxford admits we have no way of figuring out how many words are in the English language, mainly because you don’t always know what counts as a word and also because of usage. Love is a noun, a verb, you get the idea.

I know I wouldn’t be able to choose just one, but off the top of my head I cannot silence this: remarkable.


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