3 Things You Might Not Know About 3D Movies

24 Jan

This may seem obvious to some, but I was surprised that 3D films cost more to see than normal films. Most kids’ movies today are shown in 3D, which means parents sometimes have no option but to pay more.

A quick look at ticket prices for a NYC theater reveals more than a $3 difference between a 3D child and regular child ticket. Analysts worry this pricing strategy foreshadows danger for the movie industry because many theatergoers just won’t justify the cost.  And while that remains to be seen, other issues come to the forefront, like the safety issue.

Dog Wears 3D Glasses
Complete Wellbeing explains that our eyes’ natural tendency to bring distanced images into focus is disrupted by 3D filmmaking. In 3D, you don’t have as easy a time focusing on the background when the director is clearly trying to make something else pop out at you. This results in greater eye strain and can cause headaches. In children, a post-3D film headache can be a red flag for undetected eye problems, so make sure to consult an eye doctor if a long-lasting headache develops.

And what about those glasses? The spectacles handed out for today’s 3D films resemble sunglasses, and look nothing like the blue-red pairs that people may envision when they hear the phrase 3D. If you’ve ever wondered what happens to moviegoer’s glasses after they’ve been deposited into those recycling bins, head to slate.com. It turns out the industry’s version of recycling isn’t at all what you’d expect!


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