Sweet Serotonin: The Brain-Stomach Ties That Bind

29 May

Maura Lynch‘s post on Elle.com about emotional eating digests the theory that bliss begins when food hits lips. Anyone watching their weight knows the perils of mindless eating, but when your mood is the driver behind the trip to the fridge, or the cabinet-raid, it’s far from mindless. Emotions seem to dictate action for our own mental wellness. Says Emeran Mayer, director at the Center for Neurobiology of Stress at UCLA, “When we ingest something, it doesn’t just sit in our stomachs. It most certainly has an affect on our overall being.”

The post’s other points about the stomach essentially being a second brain are important, and the tenet of neurogastroenterology.

I'm Gonna Get You Cake via Tumblr

via tiresome.tumblr.com

Source: Emotional Eating: The Brain-Stomach Connection


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