Forget something? 3 interesting facts about memory

24 Feb

Just read an interesting entry to CHOW’s table manners forum on servers forgetting orders as a result of foregoing the pad and pen and relying on recall. Last night, as I placed holds on library books and input my library card number without holding the card in my hand, I commended my skillful ability to retain 14 digits.

Remember When You Said You'd Never Forget?

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George Miller found out ages ago that most people can hold onto 7 numbers, plus or minus 2, but that’s a feat of short term memory (and why we can easily digest phone numbers if we don’t attempt to also note the area code). I think referencing my account numerous times helped me absorb the sequence, and it’s something I’m proud of being able to use as a google security question.

My 3 favorite memory-boosters:
Improves recall, reasoning, and reaction time and lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s.
Crosswords. Delay dementia with a puzzle or two a day.
Mnemomics. I still use PEMDAS for simple math.

See a list of 50 tips for strengthening your memory at


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