Snacks boost PepsiCo profit but company backs off soda

11 Feb

PepsiCo credits the snack business for nearly doubling its 4th-quarter profits on the assumption that people are purchasing more food at grocery stores and dining out less often. They also say they will increase production of healthier foods and beverages, which makes sense given all the reasons to limit soda consumption.

Woman with Pepsi Can

Justin Cooper, via

Just today I read about a study linking soda consumption to pancreatic cancer.  While beverage manufacturers claim the study proves no cause and effect,  this is not the first report backing the advice to curb the carbonated beverages. One theory suggests that soda’s sugar content raises insulin in the body, and that the extra insulin is what promotes the development of cancer.  Scary stuff — even for diet soda drinkers!

Read webmd’s report: Pancreatic Cancer Linked to Sodas?


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