No time like the present!

2 Dec

I am pretty sure I am getting a wristwatch for Christmas. This is a GOOD thing, one because I don’t own one, and two, I am always running late. Both suggest a new level of maturity on my part because lateness is just plain rude. I’ve been on the waiting end way too often to argue any differently. I set my clocks ahead in the best and most honest attempt to be timely.

When I told my friend Meaghan about my TK watch today she said something insightful that got me to thinking about what impressions gifts can make. “That’s a man’s gift,” she said, in our gchat. I wondered about presents taking on gender roles. For instance, can you send guys flowers, and do they expect Valentine’s day gifts? I always rely on my own creativity to make my gifts memorable and can see how that could lead to them seeming, well, feminine. When my mother gave me luggage last year I was excited, until it dawned on me that maybe she was tempting me to get a move on. Luggage though is not girly unless it is blatent (read: pink or animal print).

So what makes a good gift? That’s what everyone’s thinking about these days. I have never relied on price, except to budget myself. I don’t think hefty price tags trump thoughtfulness. Last year I gave my boyfriend an engraved trophy. It spoke to my exact sentiments but it would never make Amazon’s most wished for lists.3 more present-perfect pointers from around the web:

  • Summon Nancy Drew. If you absolutely cannot think of what to buy or make, do some investigations online. There’s a chance your mark has an online wishlist, or has given away the clues you need on their facebook pages. A favorite Russian proverb to adopt as your mantra: There’s no shame in not knowing, the shame lies in not finding out.
  • Wrap star. Make your gift look even more amazing by taking the time to present it in a meaningful way. Unless you’re pressed for time, bypass plain old wrapping paper and try new materials. See’s gallery of unique wrap jobs for ideas.
  • Get personal. I love themes, so gift baskets are always a standby in my book. They’re easy to customize and look lovely when they’re all pulled together. Remember what they say about first impressions!

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