Vacation withdrawls, part deux

22 Nov

I signed up for Daily Plate again. This will have been the umpteenth time, since each time I get discouraged and stop tracking myself I prefer a clean slate and create new accounts. Unfortunately, their site makes deactivating an account really difficult (they make up for this nuisance with stellar customer service however — reps will gladly remove all your info if you ask).

I squeezed in 30 minutes on my elliptical machine and tacked on a 3/4 mile-or-so walk today — in new shoes! Segue into more footwear news here. In St. Thomas, my boyfriend and I bought the most amazing new sneakers, called GlaGlas. The Paris company has designed a shoe that makes it feel like you are stepping on air (after being on a ship for 7 days you can imagine how nice it feels to walk off your sea legs!) The shoe is vented, so your feet stay cool and comfortable, and they’re so light and easy to slip into that they’re perfect for the beach. There’s more science to eat up on their website,

Bonus — they come in all sorts of cool color combos! I picked maroon, since I’m having an autumn cranberry crush.

GlaGla Sneakers

image via


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