Charm, personal loveliness, and loss

13 Nov

Just read the most interesting reflection on what it means to be charming… and what the consequences are for being the quintessential charming person. It boils down to the rule that if you want to be interesting, you should be interested. People who resonate charm are very good at making the people around them feel special, without giving too much of themselves away:

It’s not that charming people are complete enigmas, living in a shroud of mystery that no one can penetrate. It’s just that they are much more selective about who they reveal the details of their lives to. (via

If You Want to be Interesting...


The fascinating element here is how closely the definition of charming reflects the textbook definition of being an emotionally unavailable person. (which is probably a great loss)

See tips on personal loveliness here. PS. charm is listed first.


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