Functional footwear, or why FitFlops will be my first and only

4 Nov

I surveyed FitFlops online and in real life dozens of times before splurging on a pair. Mine are silver and I call them moon shoes. Aesthetically, they’re not for me… I normally add up my inches with heels and have always avoided platforms — but that’s another story = )

Design aside, my flops took a couple of weeks to break in. I wore them A LOT this past summer… on long, leisurely, baby-in-a-stroller walks, shopping trips, and even around the house. I can’t say I see any difference in the tone of my legs, thighs, glutes, or posture (posture was the selling point  — can’t say enough how important standing up straight is for appearing taller, right?!) Luckily for me, Reebok’s new EasyTone sneakers are not fashionable enough to fuss over as much as FitFlops. If Reebok could have offered a larger range of styles for their $100+ sneaker you’d probably be seeing more of them on people’s feet than on shelves and online.

When it comes to getting better legs and a better butt, I think I’ll stick with stairs.


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  1. Liz November 4, 2009 at 4:23 pm #


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