They’re someone’s dream job… just not mine

27 Oct

Amusing job opportunities I’ve seen along my journey…  Someone has to do it (literally, scroll down!)

Help Wanted: Newborn Photographer/Part-Time Sales Rep
via Our365
Note: Photography experience preferred, but not required. Great.

Help Wanted: Poster for Twitter, Forums, Myspace
via Odesk
Must have: Experience promoting sites in social networks, blogs, media sites. Okay then…

Help Wanted: Handprint Envelopes
via Craigslist
Summary: Person with good handwriting wanted to address envelopes

Help Wanted: Writer with Knowledge of Flowers
via Odesk
Summary: Just looking for an honest, quality writer interested in flowers – it’s that simple!

Help Wanted: Charmin Ambassadors
Description: Do you enjoy going to the bathroom enough to earn $10,000? The Charmin Ambassadors will greet, entertain, and blog about their experience.​ All candidates must really, really enjoy going to the bathroom.

Help Wanted: Busy Dog Daycare Seeks P/T Dog Wranglers (Red Hook)
via Craigslist
Summary: If you truly enjoy hanging out with fun-loving dogs and can provide 3 references…

Help Wanted: Naming Specialist
Summary: Landor Associates, the worlds leading branding and design consultancy is seeking a Naming (Verbal Identity) Specialist. Call it like you see it.

Help Wanted: Police Beat
Summary: A HOT BEAT in a hot climate.
Refer to Sun Coast Media Group, Inc.
Cops was always hot.


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