Holy water for computers, comedy, and the big decision

26 Oct

I couldn’t help it. My sleepless Sunday was the cause and effect of possibly 2 1/2 hours of True Blood last night, via an anon. website which could very well have screwed up my computer. At the time (12 to 3 AM?), the consequences seemed minor. I just feel like a creepster now for stealing like I did, but that just goes to show you how gold my heart is.  So far I’ve yet to incur any damages from my movie marathon besides exhaustion — Johnathan snuck into my room this morning to clarify for me that it was light outside and I didn’t belong in my bed. Ah, if only he knew I was thinking the exact same thing. I love when we are on the same page.

In other news:

  • I forgot to mention that over the weekend I was lucky to get to see Fran Capo perform comedy in Mohegan Lake, NY. Such a good time.
  • I am just a week away from an important decision… it makes me mad that I cannot decide whether I like my hair light or dark. I am at a color crossroad.
  • It has been a month and a day since I last worked. The fact that I am able to calculate that without my google calendar makes me think there are repercussions to job loss yet to anticipate. Mondays are the hardest. Check out my former life.

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