Walk beside me, curbside

20 Oct

MC and I had a virtual pow-wow today and I ended up learning about Doc Love at askmen.com. Currently entertained to the point that all the original real life dilemmas are buffed — or, as I called it to her, clouded. While most of what I read seems inane (justifiably), the saving grace is the reinforcing of manners, e.g. this line from a reader to the doctor:

I’ve been dating Caprice, a Flexible Giver, for 21 months. I stay off the phone, unless it’s to make a date, I’m a Challenge, I keep things light and funny, I even walk on the outside of the curb (and have explained to her why).

Huh? Labels aside, I felt tasked to find the meaning of  walking on the outside of the curb, and once I figured that part out, to contemplate what it means today. Can we just call it being protective? I know that unconfined to sidewalks, this could hold implications for other pathways, for instance conversation — and love.

I also cannot believe I turned to google before using urbandictionary to sort this one out. I’m just going to skip a trip there and chalk it up to my good instincts.


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